Smart Data Analysis—Get the Right Answers with just a Few Clicks

How many fast charging stations have been put into operation in Germany since August 15, 2017 that provide at least 22 kW via a type 2 socket

The correct answer to this question is provided by evaluating the data with the Smart Data Analyser.  You can then draw valuable conclusions for your further work from the newly gained knowledge.

The Smart Data Analyser (window on the right) displays all Daten in an aggregated view.

Navigate your data—on the map and in the table view.“

Evaluate data quickly and easily in an overview that shows you all relevant content at a glance.  This makes data analysis fun!

The seamless integration in ArcGIS Pro allows an easy interaction with the table view and the map.

Ad-hoc data analysis using the Smart Data Analyser

„Tell the story of each object on the map.“

With three clicks you know which branches are located in postal code area 02 and which telephone number you have to call. It’s as simple as that.

Smart Data Analyser

The smart turbo for the analysis of large amounts of data

As a powerful extension for the ArcGIS product portfolio, Esri Germany’s Smart Data Analyser enables fast and convenient data analysis in ArcGIS Pro.

Ad-hoc Dat Analysis with a Click

Without any SQL and scripting language knowledge, specialist users can analyze existing data.

Sustainable Data Quality

Table templates with formulas for structuring and cleaning up attributes can be created and reused.

Content-based Space-Time Analysis

The evaluation of spatial, temporal, and content-based information provides the optimal gain of knowledge.